UnREAL Season 3 “Confront” Review

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It’s time for a Goldberg family therapy session.

Episode four of UnREAL took Rachel straight to the door step of her mother’s old therapy patient who raped Rachel. Rachel also learnt that her father, who she thought had no idea about the incident, tracked down this man and beat him up. By episode’s end, she was looking for support in the lap of Quinn. Will Quinn finally heed the advice from Dr. Simon about getting Rachel the proper help she needs?

Also, the mystery of who hired Dr. Simon is solved! I’m not sure if it was said previously, but I wondered in the first episode about who hired Dr. Simon to look after Rachel. It was Quinn, who thought a dedicated doctor would be enough to stop her from imploding. He can see the collision coming and is trying to get Quinn on board to help it stop, but will it be enough?

Elsewhere, Jay was having a rough time trying to open Alexi up to the idea of hosting Passport to Dance, the show which would look at dancing in different cultures in nightclubs across the world.

UnREAL s03e042

The episode, like others this season, retreaded on a plot from season one. Except this time, Jay is purposefully drugging a contestant to get what he wants. I’m not a fan of this storyline and where it could go, but I did like seeing Alexi full of joy and wonder, and Alex Sparrow was wonderful in the scenes at the theatre.

I am so glad that the show is tackling a female suitor this season as there was an entire segment that was just shirtless guys trying to get to the bottom of who cut August’s man bun off. It was Billy who did it, but Quinn and Madison convinced Zach to confess to the crime which resulted in Serena cutting Billy from the show, providing one badass farewell at the ceremony.

It seems that Madison is starting to rethink her goals of taking over Everlasting. With Gary unable to commit to taking her out into public, maybe now Madison will stop trying to tear Quinn down to get ahead and just observe and take in the lessons that Quinn is offering her. There is no shortcut to running a show, and with Madison’s level of experience, anything she tries to run by herself would just end up crashing and burning.

UnREAL s03e043

Chet, still on his crusade for his Emmy, invited a reporter to the set to write about how Everlasting is tackling masculinity. Quinn is nervous about having a reporter on set, and she has every right to be. Robin, played by Degrassi alum Stacey Farber, takes the opportunity of being on set to try and uncover some information of events that have transpired on the show’s set in the past. With Rachel opening up about Jeremy murdering two people last season, could Robin sniff that story out and expose them?

We are almost at the halfway point and it is clear that UnREAL has taken the time correct itself after season two. The storylines are grounded and more believable, and there is a return to form with the show focusing on how a reality show like this is made rather than trying to tackle topics that it has no right to be tackling.

UnREAL s03e044

With six episodes left in this season I am very eager to see how far the producers will go to get Serena to the finish line. The men are dramatic, Serena doesn’t take anyones crap, and there are a bunch of external and internal forces working against Quinn and Rachel. At this pace, it is going to be one hell of a second half to this season.

UnREAL is available to stream on Stan every Tuesday from 3 P.M. AEST.

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