South Park The Fractured But Whole – “From Dusk Till Casa Bonita” DLC Review

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South Park’s first major DLC expansion takes the action to the Casa Bonita restaurant. Fans of the series will recognise this location as the Season 7 episode Casa Bonita was set here. The plot of the DLC is Mysterion and The New Kid rescuing Karen McCormick from the birthday party of Mike Makowski.

To access the DLC, you need to walk over to the DLC bus stop and choose From Dusk Till Casa Bonita from the menu on the bus schedule post. Once at Casa Bonita, Mysterion calls The New Kid over to Casa Bonita to help rescue his sister Karen from the Vampire Kids, who have put her under a spell and are trying to turn her into a Vampire. Early on, Mysterion informs The New Kid that his powers are not effective against the Vampire Kids and therefore must reach down into the dark recesses to unlock an actually cool darkness to fight the lame Vampire darknesses.

This new class is called The Netherborn. It brings a new costume for The New Kid as well as a range of new attacks to deal damage to your foes. The square button attack is called Soul Slash, which cuts a path through all enemies in scythe range, dealing damage and knock-back. This one is very effective for Vampire Kids standing on a row.

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita 3

The triangle attack is the Ghastly Grasp, where you summon boney hands to claw at the Netherborn’s foe, then attack adjacent enemies, and so on into eternity. This is the best new attack in The New Kid’s arsenal, as it can affect rows of enemies and, during my playthrough at least, one shot the Kindergarden Vampire Kids.

The circle attack is the Dire Shroud, which is an unholy power that grants you or an ally Regen and Protection, or it damages a foe and curses them with Defense Down. Very handy for enemies just outside of the movement zone. And lastly the super power attack is the Grim Fate. The Netherborn makes a deal with Death, gaining ungodly powers for 3 turns and Chilling adjacent foes.

As you progress through the level you unlock more characters for your party. Joining you on your quest to rescue Karen is The Coon and resident Goth Kid Henrietta, who is able to support her allies or deal fire damage to her enemies.

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita 4

There’s lots to explore in this expansion. One of the quests is to find relics to open the door to the actual birthday party. You need to search three zones to find this relic. One of them has a boss fight against a man in a gorilla costume, another has a boss fight against a man in a cave. The final room is full of mini-games that are playable. The games I tried out includes a version of Skeet-ball where you fart the ball into the various holes, an Old West themed shooter, and the Robot Unicorn mini-game from the main game where you are tasked with taking Gay Fishes mother to Heaven.

South Parks trademark humour is on full display, especially towards the end of the DLC. Without spoiling too much, Mike Makowski’s stepfather Mr. Adams tries to summon Corey Haim from the dead, but instead summons Michael Jackson. The final boss battle itself is surprising, energetic, and challenging.

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita 5

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita is available on the PlayStation Store for $17.95, or available through the Season Pass.

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