Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 – “Cloak & Dagger” DLC Review

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Travellers Tales are famous for digging through the archives of various IPs to find obscure characters to fill the rosters for their games. The latest piece of DLC focuses on Cloak & Dagger and acts as a promotional tie-in with the upcoming television series coming to Freeform in America.

Double Trouble begins with Gwenpool recapping the origin story of Cloak and Dagger, who they are and how they got their powers. The recap teases a character Gwenpool calls the “Criminal Mastermind”, however the main villain of the DLC is on one of his henchmen, a character called Blackout.


Double Trouble takes place on a dock. There are some nice graffiti images that diversify the level and makes it stand on its own against the other levels. The graffiti includes Doctor Strange, a red brick, and even one of Gamora, which is a nice nod to the Guardian’s of the Galaxy franchise, who also play a major part in the base game.

The first play-through of the DLC is a story play-through, so the only characters you have access to are Cloak and Dagger. There are various puzzles the two need to solve in order to track down Blackout and lock him away for good. The mechanics required to solve these puzzles include teleportation, magic, and invisibility.

Once you make your way across a variety of docks you arrive at the boss battle against Blackout. He begins by throwing objects at you, so you just need to dodge in order to avoid taking damage. Shooting at him is pointless, as he is unable to take damage this way at the start. You can only do damage at a close range, so get in there and deal some physical attacks!

Cloak and Dagger 2

As you whittle down Blackout’s health, he will shield himself. At this point you can use Dagger to shoot at the shields. Each shield requires two shots before they can be destroyed. You can continue shooting Blackout when he is still in the air throwing items like rubber ducks at you.

The final stage of the battle has Blackout keeping Cloak and Dagger away at a distance. Once again, just shoot as he will eventually be vulnerable to the damage. The DLC ends here without the Criminal Mastermind being uncovered, due to this being a plot thread that will be explored in the television series no doubt. My first run through of the DLC took 13 minutes where most of that time was spent in the final boss battle.


In Free-play, you are able to take in any character that you have unlocked in the main game and use them to solve a variety of puzzles to unlock Minikits and Stan Lee. These puzzles include a picture slider, five gold statues to melt, digging up dirt, and scaring off seagulls. The characters you should use for these tasks, as well as progressing through the level, include Cloak, Dagger, Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange.

DLC Feedback

One of the big issues I had with the main game was that regular enemies were bullet sponges i.e. they had a lot of health or there were a lot of them and it was tedious to take them down. Battles have thankfully been removed from the DLC and the only fight you will have is the final boss fight.

An issue across all Lego DLC levels is that the levels are too short. There is a long wait between each DLC episode and for each level to be between 5-20 minutes long is disappointing. Compared to other DLCs that provide 2-3 hours of content for $7-10, it is just shocking that Traveller’s Tale charge $4.55 for a maybe 20 minute level.

The game crashed on me about 3/4ths of the way through a free-play session when changing characters. Game crashing was a common factor in the base game and it is disappointing to see that it has not been fixed yet.

Cloak and Dagger 3

Character Attributes

The DLC brings in six new characters for you to control in the game. These characters, and their abilities, are:

Cloak – Teleportation, telekinesis, targeted lunge, stealth, vent travel, quick teleport.

Dagger – Vine cut, telekinesis, target, acrobat.

Mister Negative – Strength, electricity, smash walls, acrobat, bine cut, technology, target.

Nightmare – mind control, beam deflect, hyper jump, flight, telekinesis, target, rune tracing, portal create, vine cut.

Shroud – mind control, beam deflect, hyper jump, flight, telekinesis, target, rune tracing, poral create, vine cut.

Silverman – toxic gas, repair, electricity, smash walls, strength, electricity protection, fire protection, toxic goo protection, technology, target.


There are five DLC trophies available with the Cloak & Dagger DLC. You will unlock a trophy for beating the level for the first time, beating the level with all Minikits unlocked, and beating the level after achieving True Believer status.

There is a trophy called A Double Negative for setting both free play characters as Mister Negative, and another called Double Edged Dagger that requires you to defeat 20 enemies in the Double Trouble level as Dagger, which is easy as the final boss level has an endless amount of enemies backing up Blackout.

Cloak & Dagger is available for $4.55 on the PlayStation Store, or with the purchase of the Season Pass.

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